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Intern in Spain

Why intern in Seville?

Language skills

Developing and using your new language skills in an everyday work setting will allow you to enhance your vocabulary in a unique way.

Multicultural communication

Interning abroad will allow you not only to interact with people from a different culture, but to work with them. Work environments are always complex and require effective communication. This is especially true in a mutlicultural work environment. You will experience a new work culture, which, will help you to better understand American work culture.

Opportunities not available at home

With YES´s placement process, you will gain access to positions that would be difficult to obtain or even non-existant stateside. Regardless of the sector or industry you choose, your experience interning in Spain will be unique and mulicultural.

Building your resume

Any experience abroad will enhance your resume, but gaining international work experience adds something extra. Working in a foreign environment develops, among others, a specific skill which is vital in today´s fast-paced world of work: adaptability. Adapting to new and changing work environments is perhaps the biggest challege facing all new entrants to the job market, and is universally valued by employers.

International contacts and references

Interning abroad, you will gain contacts which will benefit you in the future in a variety of ways. Having an international network will, at the very least, provide you with impressive references for work at home or abroad.