Au Pairs in Spain

Program: Au Pair for Auxiliares


This program is designed for those who are looking to live an experience of immersion into Spanish life. Participants can improve their Spanish language while getting to know a new culture by living with a local host family and helping to care for their children. Working as an Au Pair is not for everyone. Caring for small children requires a great deal of maturity, responsibility, and patience. Furthermore, participants must be prepared to adapt to a new culture and a new family.


To provide an experience of total immersion into the Spanish language and culture as well as a means to finance the experience.

Program Dates

September/ October to May/ June


Partial Programs


    • Maximum 8 hours of work a day
    • Maximum 5 days of work a week
  • What responsibilities does the Au Pair have?

    Au Pairs selected by YES have the responsibility to accompany, help, and teach the family´s children during their stay in the city. They must carry out a series of tasks which vary by household but typically include the following:

    • Take and pick up children from school (not in summer)
    • Keep the children´s rooms clean and tidy
    • Take care of children´s laundry
    • Help with homework and with the children´s chores
    • Prepare dinner for themselves and the children
    • Speak to the children in English if the family requests
    • Babysit up to two nights a week
    •  Be responsible for their own personal spending, such as: phone calls, language courses, travel expenses, toiletries and entertainment

    Au Pairs are also responsible for light cleaning. This may include tasks such as setting the table and picking up, sweeping/mopping the floor, washing dishes and laundry. They do not carry out heavy or extensive household chores.

    What are the rights of an Au Pair?

    • Accommodation in an individual room
    • Full board (all meals)
    • Work limited to 8 hours a day and 5 days a week (two free days a week)
    • Be treated as a member of the family
    • Have the option to change host families in the case of serious problems
    • Weekly stipend of 60€

    What is the role of the host family?

    The family takes in a student who cares for their children part-time and helps with normal household chores and provides them with accommodation in an individual room and full board (all meals) throughout the duration of the program.


Au Pair participants must be over 18 years old. They come to Spain to learn the language and culture from inside a Spanish household. They enjoy spending time with and caring for children, and so they choose to be hosted by a Spanish family in exchange for offering to help with child care. Au Pairs typically help children with schoolwork as well, especially with English homework to make the experience a two-way language and culture exchange.


Participants are responsible for reserving their own round-trip flights.

Group flights can be managed by our partner travel agency, Corporate Traveler. Please contact a YES representative if you are interested in flight options with Corporate Traveler.

Airport transfers to and from Seville airport or Santa Justa train station are included in the program.

Program Fee

350€ + IVA / $450 + VAT (21%)

Program Fee includes:

  • Program orientation
  • Accommodation with Spanish host family
  • Full board (all meals)
  • Ongoing support of YES staff

Additional Information

The minimum time required to accept a candidate request will be two months before the proposed date of arrival.


Total amount (IVA / VAT included): 424€ / $545

If you are coming from the USA, you may choose to pay on the online system with a credit card (under My Account) or by Bank Transfer. If you are coming from a country other than the USA, you must pay by Bank Transfer. If you are unable to make a transfer, please contact us for payment alternatives.

Bank Transfer in the name of YES Consultoria Internacional S.L., to the account Banco Santander Central Hispano: 0049-0266-91-2310943784. Under "Concept", indicate your name, last name(s) and the name of your program, e.g. "Au Pair - 6 weeks". Send us a copy of the transfer confirmation by email to, or by fax to +34 955-22-52-57.

What steps should interested Au Pair candidates take?

1) Read and fill out the Au Pair Application Form and turn in the following documentation:

  • Two ID photos (3 x 3.5cm) via mail (originals)
  • Various family photos (digital or scanned copies accepted)
  • A letter of introduction to the family with a detailed description of yourself (hobbies, values, goals, etc.)
  • Statement of Health form signed by a physician (available on our website)
  • Criminal Background Check from all states where you have resided in the last 5 years
  • Résumé which outlines all previous experience in childcare and/or related work
  • Signed Collaboration Agreement once the host family has beed selected

If you do not already hold a passport which will be valid through your stay, apply for a new

2) Contact YES to set up a personal interview

Once the host family has been selected by YES according to the features in the application form, the candidate has 5 days to communicate their final decision to YES

3) Sign Collaboration Agreement and turn in to YES

4) Reserve flight and any other necessary transportation to Seville and inform YES and host family of itinerary details as soon as possible