YES in Seville

YES (Youth Exchanges in Spain) is an educational organisation established in 2008 focussing on programs financed by the EU. It is located in the heart of Seville, the capital and largest city of Andalusia.

Where courses were once tailored specifically to North American students, in recent years our services have developed. As well as Spanish language courses, we now offer English, French and German as well as other languages further to students’ request. We welcome local students and others from all over the world. At YES we provide a professional language learning experience in a friendly and dynamic environment and are fully equipped with modern teaching facilities.

YES also organises mobility programs for youths, offering them great opportunities to work and study both in Europe or in the United States of America. We also organise study visits, linguistic exchange programs and AU pair programs both in Seville and abroad.

We boast a wide range of courses at our academy, from preparation for official exams, business courses tailored to companies to specialist programs of teaching English or German to those under 14 years of age.

Furthermore, YES is recognised as an employment and training centre within the framework of programs co-financed by the Junta de Andalucía (The Andalusian Council) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

Seville, the captivating capital of Andalusia and the province of Seville, is the artistic, cultural and financial core of southern Spain.

More than two thousand years old, the city boasts a distinct personality and a large, well preserved historical center which reveals the Christian, Jewish, and Moorish influences still harmoniously present in the city today.

Seville has a Mediterranean climate with oceanic influences. The average annual temperature is 65ºF, making it the one of the warmest cities in Europe. Winters are mild, with termperatures ranging from about 40ºF-61ºF. Summers are very warm, with average highs of 96ºF for the month of July.


At the heart of a growing metropolitan area, Seville´s size and location contribute to its status as economically strongest in all of Andalusia.

It is the perfect place to undertake a study or professional work experience program, featuring industrial and commercial parks and a variety of establishments across a broad range of sectors.

It is home to two renowned universities: Universidad Pablo de Olavide and Universidad de Sevilla, the second largest in Spain.

Come and discover your Sevilla with YES for an experience that will definitely stay with you for a lifetime.